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Sea Fishing Trips and Charters on Loch Linnhe, Fort William

If you’re looking for exciting sea fishing experiences in the Fort William area, you’re in luck! Here are some fantastic options:

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling sea fishing experience? Look no further than Jola Charters, where the pristine waters of Loch Linnhe become the backdrop for unforgettable fishing trips.

Jola IV: The Perfect Vessel

At the heart of Jola Charters’ offerings is the Jola IV, an 11-metre marvel equipped with a powerful 320 Hp twin engine BW Seacat. This vessel isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s an essential part of the adventure. With a focus on comfort and safety, Jola IV is the ideal companion for full day Skate Fishing, General Sea Fishing trips, and even Mackerel Fishing when in season.

Fishing Trips Offered

Jola Charters caters to diverse preferences, ensuring there’s a fishing trip for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first-timer, options like full day Skate Fishing, General Sea Fishing trips, and two-hour Mackerel Fishing adventures (when in season) await.

Chartering Process

Booking your fishing expedition is a breeze with Jola Charters. The process is designed with your convenience in mind, offering various booking options, customisable experiences, and transparent pricing based on the chosen duration and activities.

The Thrill of Skate Fishing

Seeking an adrenaline rush? Skate Fishing is the answer. Learn about the fascinating skate species, enjoy unique moments on the water, and benefit from expert guidance, ensuring an experience that combines excitement with education.

General Fishing Excitement

For those desiring variety, General Fishing trips target a range of fish species. The charter provides all the necessary equipment, making it accessible for individuals of all skill levels. Tips from experienced owner and skipper Angus Mann guarantee a successful and enjoyable trip.

Seasonal Mackerel Fishing

When Mackerel are in season, Jola Charters offers two-hour fishing trips on a per-person basis. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the thrill of Mackerel Fishing while enjoying the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Sea Fishing Trips and Charters

Loch Linnhe: The Perfect Setting

Loch Linnhe’s beauty is unparalleled, providing the perfect setting for your fishing adventure. Immerse yourself in the scenic surroundings, encounter wildlife during your trip, and appreciate the importance of preserving such a pristine environment.

Safety Measures and Regulations

Your safety is paramount. Jola Charters prioritises safety with stringent protocols on board. Additionally, strict adherence to fishing regulations ensures not only a secure experience but also contributes to the preservation of marine life.

Booking for Special Occasions

Thinking of celebrating a special occasion on the water? Jola Charters caters to events, offering customised packages for groups. Create lasting memories against the backdrop of Loch Linnhe’s stunning vistas.

Jola Charters opens the door to a world of sea fishing adventures on Loch Linnhe. With a focus on safety, variety, and memorable experiences, each trip with Jola Charters promises to be an unforgettable journey.

Sea Fishing Trips and Charters
  • 2 Hour Mackerel Fishing Trip 
£35.00 per Person
  • All gear included
Sea Fishing Trips and Charters

Full Day Skate Fishing

£600.00 per Group of up to 10 People
  • All gear included
  • Maximum of 6 fishing at any time, groups of up to 10 catered for
Sea Fishing Trips and Charters

Full Day General Fishing

£600.00 per Group of up to 10 People
  • All gear available
  • Maximum of 8 fishing at any time, groups of up to 10 catered for

General Charter/Bespoke Trips:

For personalised experiences, please contact us directly on 07747 680498 or click the button below to take you to our Contact Form
Sea Fishing Trips and Charters
Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, these fishing adventures offer something for everyone.
Get ready to reel in some memorable moments!

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